It wasn’t my idea, but I decided to ride a bicycle with my friend across the US a few years ago.  If you ever make a decision to do the same, here’s what happens next:  Everyone you know will tell you it’s a bad idea.  Everyone will tell you all the reasons why only the thoroughly prepared cyclist should even attempt it.  This is the part where you exercise a little thing called “fuck it.”  Why not?  The mix of inexperience and spontaneity can produce some of the greatest experiences of your life.  Coincidentally, they are also the perfect recipe for melt downs and tearing out your own hair.

So that’s the point of this whole blog, to try and find something once a year that we have no business doing and jump in head first.  In 2010 Heath and I rode our bicycles 3,300 miles from LA to NYC.  In 2011 we went up the largest granite wall in the world with Timmy O’Neill and felt real real small and a little bit stupid. In 2013 we rented a raft, got dropped off at the start of the Grand Canyon, and rowed 225 miles of the Colorado River for 16 days with no prior experience and no guide. 2014 brought us to the Pacific Ocean where we attempted to row and sail our homemade wooden boat 900 miles down the coast of Baja California, but things got really hairy and we almost kicked the bucket. Read all about it.