Dogs and Zombies

Leaving Kayenta was tough. By pure coincidence , my friend JP was staying at a hotel there and was nice enough to let us pile into his room. So when he left in the morning, Heath and I set up camp to rest our worn down legs, and do as much damage to the free breakfast as possible. Heath always goes overboard and over bulks.

After a very late start and a days ride, it was time to look for another cattle underpass for some dry camping. If you grow up in suburbia, it’s pretty much ingrained in you not to sleep in dirty tunnels under roads, but once you learn to tap into your inner hobo, it becomes much easier.

In Navajo country the scenery is amazing, the people are super friendly, but you get more than your share of random street dogs and Zombied out homeless people.

2 thoughts on “Dogs and Zombies

  1. Hey guys, Just found your blog from a friend living in San Diego. I have been wanting to do this for awhile. Last year i decided to take the drive first, which i regret. Good luck guys, keep your heads up and get back safe!

  2. Wow! Kaibeto Market O.O I live a mile south of that market. I read about this bike ride in a skate mag and it just dawned on me tonight so I’m reading late into the night and also viewing photos. Very interesting. The Navajo Reservation can be a trip!

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