Back to business

Ok, 75 miles today. My legs hurt. Adjust, get comfortable. How far is the first town? OK, I’ll ride twenty then eat something. I hope the wind doesn’t pick up. There’s the mile marker sign. Don’t look at it. Don’t look at the bike computer. Find a good song. I need to take more pictures. Road kill. don’t look at it. Hold your breath, it looks like a bad one. There’s another mile marker ahead. Try to keep your head down until you pass it. Don’t look. Don’t look. I need to get some shorts without a giant hole in the crotch. My right foot hurts. This song sucks, change it. I should start eating healthier today. No soda. Is my back tire flat? No. Feels low. I wonder how much more energy I spend over five hours if my tire is low? Mile marker, don’t look. Damn it, I looked. That looks cool, should I take a picture. I keep forgetting to shoot portraits. I should shoot some super 8. How many rolls do I have left? 10 bucks per minute, that’s cheap. I think I feel good today. I hope there’s no wind. What should I eat for lunch. I have gas. Stand up for a second. I wonder what Mel’s doing. I need to shoot more video. Why do other people who do this always get offered free places to stay? Do we look unfriendly? We need to fine tune our secret project. mile marker. 16 miles left. I’ve gone 4.1 miles. I could kill for a mountain dew on ice. Hamburger sounds good. The back of my knee still hurts. I have a serious farmer’s tan. Is my back tire low? Don’t look at the computer. I’ve gone 4.3 miles. I need to take more pictures.

25 thoughts on “Back to business

  1. Amazing, great post. It felt like I was actually riding out there, LMAO. Tomorrow will be a windless, downhill day, you’ll do 200 miles effortlessly…….

  2. You are straigt gangsters. 10 bucks a min is alot But super 8 is so dope. I’m so glad that you did not quit. Keep on killing it.

  3. Mmmmm! Coyote cakes. Jeffy don’t get any coyote cake stuck in yer gullut. Oh, I luv the biggy tew pack drama, keeping it gangsta. What’s next ride by’s

  4. I’m from Brazil and I’m doing this trip for you.
    Congratulations for the pictures and texts.
    Tell Heath I admire him the skateboard and the willingness to face the road this way.
    I also travel by bicycle and I know the difficulties and the joys of self-knowledge that this kind of trip offers.
    A hug
    Good luck

  5. My ass hurts just looking at the map and where you guys have been. Most Americans only walk from their front doors to their cars each day, so they can do the fast food drive thru. You guys are amazing and an inspiration for me to get off my ass. Thanks!

  6. Haha, i can totally relate to what you’re thinking, thats what i do all the time!

    Some other things i do whilst on the bike: try to recognize what kind of car is driving behind me, or trying to find out what brand of car is the one i see now (from as far as i can).

    Have fun on your trip dude!

    Greetings from holland! 😛

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