Just tryin’ to keep it interesting

Let’s start it off by saying that we were the only two people in all of downtown Indianapolis wearing costumes last night. To top it off, they don’t sell beer in Indiana on Sundays, so we had to go out in public with zero priming.

Now, I’m not trying to say that we’re by any means original or cool because we went out and got drunk, but you’ve got to understand the level of need for fun to break up the bicycle riding. When you do the same thing everyday all day, you have to turn it loose a bit from time to time. So when we go out, we go the fuck out if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

So let’s see here……….eat dinner and have the first of many beers. Skeptical thoughts about the potential of the night. Express our desire for photos of us with lots of strangers having a blast. Go to next bar. The costumes are a hit. Strange reaction when I tell people we’re on this trip cause the guy in the chicken suit retired. Watch the world series through one eye hole. Next bar. Very intense conversation about furniture design. Fleetwood Mac- The Chain “I LOVE THIS SONG!”. Bar closing, back to the second bar where they don’t let our new friend in even though we brought his luggage with us. Guy walks away from me mid story when I’m trying to tell him why the story behind the Vladimir Putin photo in Time magazine is “really fascinating”. Quick visit, we bail again. ———Blank memory————- (everything comes back when we check the camera the next morning). Apparently on our way home we stopped by the very first place we had dinner and drinks. Finally get our “posse photo” we so eagerly wanted 5 hours earlier. Photos show that we are clearly the funnest people in the bar.

P.S. When in Indianapolis, don’t expect much nightlife advise from the guys at Rise Skateshop.

23 thoughts on “Just tryin’ to keep it interesting

  1. I nearly pissed in my pants when I read “Watch the World Series through one eye hole.” Then the picture showed you drinking your beer through that eye hole! Funniest shit ever! Thanks for making the day doable.

  2. Hey, I am seriously looking at doing this next summer/fall (slightly different route). Am LOVING reading about your adventures and thoughts along the way. My mother asked that same question – “why in the world would you want to do that?” and I am sure my answer simply confirmed her suspicion that I’m crazy – “to prove to myself that I can”. It’s good to know that someone else is “really doing it”. Keep going for the strong finish! You’re inspiring!

  3. Bummer to hear that you were let down with the indy night life…I helped out there for the last couple of years! I just called Rise and gave a ration of shit to a good friend of mine that works there, haha. He says he wasn’t the one that got it, but I guess it depends on the luck of the call, haha.

    Super stoked to have come across this today! I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to either of you guys since Wild Ride 2008. Very inspirational for sure! Wish you both all the best!

    Keep those wheels rolling!!

    1. We weren’t let down with our night out. We had a blast.

      Earlier in the day we went into Rise with our costumes on. One guy was helpful, but then again, we were wearing ridiculous shit.

      Hope we cross paths again one day.

  4. Haha, I love the picture of the chicken (Heath?) taking a piss, it’s all blurry and that kinda makes me think you guys were pretty far gone at that point 😛

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