“I’m living someone else’s fantasy. Cause this is NOT mine!”

Heath said that in the car yesterday on the way up. I thought he was joking at first, until I remembered that ya, this was my idea and he was nervous. He also told me that his dad made him promise to finally make a will, but what’s changed is he actually considered making one this time (editor’s note: decided against it. thought it might be the kiss of death).

A little more about the training and the preparation aspect of this thing. I guess I’ll just start by telling you that Heath will be the least experienced person to ever go up El Capitan. With only two weeks notice from Timmy that we’d be doing this, Heath decided against climbing in a gym or practicing anywhere for that matter. He told me “I want El Capitan to be the first rock I ever touch.” When I told my wife that, she didn’t laugh like I did. She thought what most people would think, “that’s just stupid.” The video I posted of Heath and the pull up bar is from back in March when we got our first email response from Timmy. But since it took so long to figure out if Timmy actually had the time in his schedule to this, we gave up on it a long time ago and abandoned the training idea. As of leaving LA to drive north and pick up Timmy in Fresno, Heath can now do 8 pull ups and I can do 11. Timmy doesn’t seem to think that’s that big of a deal though. “Fuck it. You’ll be fine.” Actually, he says that a lot.

“Hey Timmy, should someone stay with the car and all the bags on top?”

“Nah, Fuck it”

9 thoughts on ““I’m living someone else’s fantasy. Cause this is NOT mine!”

  1. The only fears worth a shit are the ones worth conquering! Just think in Five days you will be on top of that Monster! Stay focused and positive no matter what! You guys are the shit!

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