10 thoughts on “Day 2: View from El Cap Meadow

  1. so as you can see i rolled through today to see my dipshit friends. i came from the tioga pass side and if you haven’t been to this place it’s amazing.

    two weeks ago i talked to both of them lecturing them like some worrywartedpurist…”you shouldn’t take this lightly…you really don’t deserve to do this..” all that crap, but i meant it.

    coming from the tioga pass side you round a corner and see el cap and half dome…it’s fucking breathe taking. anyway, when i rounded the corner and for the first time in a long time i actually felt scared when i saw el cap jutting skyward. when you ride a bike you’re always talking to yourself anyway but this is what came out of my mouth, “my god you guys better be careful.”

    get up there safe boys you made an old guy really nervous today.

    1. A little unnerving at first, but then you just forget about it. The last night was like sleeping in a triangle shaped bed that barely fit two people and sloped downward off the cliff.

  2. Dan’s full of good mojo, you’ve got nothing to worry about. But still, best of luck and have a safe climb.

  3. Hello Jeff!
    Wow, what an amazing thing you are doing at El Cap! We met your sister out in the meadow across from EC and she told us what you guys are doing, and we watched you through the spotter scope and our binocs. Loved hearing your story and will now have fun reading your blog about your adventures. Made our early evening of cheese, salami, grapes, and beers that much more fun knowing the personal story of a couple of the climbers we were watching. Safe travels the rest of the way up and back down again. Praying for all 3 of you!
    Take care! Suzi and Chuck Miller

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