Out of order

We’re done, we’re down, and we’re safe.

So, I’m sure it might have gotten a little confusing where we were in the climb, who was posting, and why there weren’t any audio clips from us on the wall. Turns out it’s a little more difficult to communicate from up there then we thought it would be. My sister, Julie, was nice enough to come up to the valley and be our base camp captain. She shuttled us around, helped us to the base of the route and hung out with the famous Tom Evans and the telescopes in El Cap meadow. So if you couldn’t figure it out, she was doing everything from the ground.

We’ll start going through all the video, photos, and audio when we get a chance. As of now, we’re headed to Mammoth to go backpacking with some friends for the next five days. I would guess that the posts about the trip will start next Monday.

17 thoughts on “Out of order

  1. Damn, success must be sweet, if you guys havent already you guys NEED to watch Alex Honnold’s FREE climbs(no ropes-no nets) of that same goliath Monolith (im sure Timmy knows/ has already told you about him). Sure it will make you shit your pants, or your bags. Fucking sick guys, smashing performance. Wonder what was harder for Heath, climbing El Cap, or nosesliding the monolith of a hubba in his stay gold part, i know id rather climb El Cap.

  2. Congrats on making it safely to the top!! I am interested in hearing stories and about how difficult it was for you both as new climbers, even with an experienced guide. Have fun backpacking!!

  3. SO RAD!!! Congrats you guys! I had my dad following the bike ride last year and can’t wait to show him stuff from the climb this year. It was his dream to ride across the country in his 30’s but now he says he is too old and couldn’t do it 😦

    Anyway, pretty inspiring stuff!

  4. well done fellas. always been a dream of mine – looking forward to the full follow-up report. on to the next adventure!

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