8 thoughts on “We will do tha nose, we will come for tha nose, it is tha nose.

  1. Awesome video, I can feel the butterflies creeping up. Heath’s been a favorite skater of mine through much of my 20+ years of skating, and this blog gives me even more respect via these new journeys and challenges. I’d never imagine climbing that beast yet alone a much smaller rock, but after seeing you guys tackle it, I find myself considering the possibility. Great and inspiring work, all of you!

  2. Between this video and the one of harvey and his girl, you’re really starting to show your skill, Jeff. The only critisism I could give is that a couple pans were a little schechy, but whatever. Solid all around. I love the timelapses at the beginning. May I ask what kind of dolly you use? Thanks.

      1. Dang, that’s actually pretty stable for handheld. I meant what do you use to pan the timelapses? Or is it post? Thanks again. You guys are my heros, btw.

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