The Grind

The biggest shock of the climb was the feeling of starting out each morning and re-introducing yourself to your new bizarre life.  By the end of each day you’ve desensitized again, then with eating and music you’d lull yourself into a comfort zone.  In the morning you’d get thrown back into your prison life where Dave is all over your ass to round up your shit, eat and get ready to climb.  Everything would be cool until it was your first turn of the day and it was time to get back into the anxiety zone, life on the rope.  “Fuck man, I thought I was over this.  Why am I scared…again?” After a few days of this, along with all of the other oddities of living on a wall, you’re worn the hell out.

I like the way Timmy puts it:

Long before we even left our houses to start this thing I had a plan.  My plan was to pack rock climbing shoes and somehow convince Timmy to let me climb one pitch.  One pitch, that’s all I ask.  So when we met up with Dave and Timmy in the valley I asked if there were any parts of the nose that I could climb and I got a quick yes.  They said there were a couple 5.9 pitches on the 3rd day.  For most people that doesn’t mean anything, but to people who have at least climbed in a gym, it sounds doable.  A 5.9 is not that hard right?  Well, on the 3rd day when we woke up and I realized we were at the pitch that Dave was talking about, the one that I could climb if I wanted, I got a little sick.  I looked at Dave climbing it above me and his leg was shaking a little bit because he was in an awkward position, and that’s when I realized there was no…fucking…way I was climbing way the hell up there.  So maybe a 5.9 isn’t that hard, but when you take that climbing wall and put it 600ft higher than the top of the Empire State building, the answer becomes crystal clear.

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