The Rest of Day 1

You know when you’re on a road trip and you pull over because someone has to pee on the shoulder of the road, but when your friend starts to piss you pull the car forward about ten feet to show the world what he’s got?  Well, it’s like that on a raft but better.  When the guy who’s not rowing has to go, he just walks up to the front of the boat, starts pissing facing away from the other boat, and that’s when it’s the oarsman’s job to to turn the boat and make him piss facing straight into the panel of judges against his will.  Believe me, laughs all around, every time.

on the river

Before we left the rafting office someone there showed us a video of a raft flipping on a part of the river called House Rock rapid, which we would run into at the end of our first day. It’s really weird watching a raft flip because most of the time it looks like no big deal, but the part we kept asking each other about was what happens if you both leave the boat? How do you get back to a raft that’s gotten away from you? What happens when the other boat can’t help?  No real solid answers came up, but we just figured we’d get back to the raft the best we could and deal with it if something worse happened. The other thing about flipping a boat that we weren’t exactly prepared for was getting it back over.  It’s not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when running through scenarios, but four people cannot just muscle a raft back over.  Not unless you can lift 500lbs over your head by yourself. You have to rig a pulley system to slowly flip it again.  It’s like flipping a car, but in frigid water.


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
jeff rowing

Having already shit the bed on the first tiny rapid that was a 2, we were a little curious about how much we could control the boat in a 7. So we suited up, put on our helmets, and as you can see in the footage below, I hired a chubby, camouflage, teddy ruxpin doll to be my stunt double.

Once someone had gone in the water and no one panicked, everyone calmed down a little. It was getting late and a camp was just around the corner, so it was time to give it a rest. And by rest I mean pass out by the fire before even eating dinner, which is what Ben did until we made him get up to eat.

Big day, big day, big day…

 Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

6 thoughts on “The Rest of Day 1

  1. That’s insane. That’s insane. You guys are insane! The footage is gorgeous. Wish I was there.

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