Season Premiere

It’s going to take little bit of foundation work here to get to the meat of this story, but it’s a necessary evil. We can’t just come plowing into your world with an amazing “season premiere”, because this is real life, not Game of Thrones.

It takes a year. Well, a year and a few months seems to be about the timetable for us to get our act together and produce another one of these adventures, or whatever you want to call them, that Heath and I do. So since the last trip down the Colorado River, otherwise known as the greatest trip of my life, it’s been 15 months, and about 8 months since we came up with the idea to try and travel the length of Baja California in Mexico.

A long time ago I thought Baja sounded like a great chance to get away from crowds, surf along the barren coast and cover some serious distance. I’m not exactly sure where I read it, but somewhere along the line the info I came across made it sound like it would take about three months in a kayak and so I threw the idea out the window. Three months? Too long. One month is a rough idea of where you should cut vacations off, otherwise you just start to take it for granted and think that that’s what real life is like. I’ve broken that rule a few times, but I always learn the same lesson.

Fast forward to August and I’m up in Wyoming floating down the Snake River with my dad and brother and the idea resurfaces. We do the simple math and come up with 30-40 days for a run down the coast in a kayak. I text Heath, he says yes, and immediately my obsession becomes this gigantic insatiable beast. I’ve got to start planning this…

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.19.58 PM

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