Shit + Fan

We’re underwater. This is really happening. Get the pump! Fuck. The pump doesn’t work if everything is in the ocean. Life jackets. “Take yours Heath!” Where are the swim fins? Red bag, keep an eye on that one. Everything else is floating away. What is Heath looking for? I’m in the ocean now. This water is cold. When did the boat flip over? Wow, I never thought I’d be looking at the bottom of my boat like this. We should try and roll it. OK, that was pretty easy, it’s back upright, I’ll get in. Shit, it’s still underwater. Damn it! It rolled upside down again. Ok, maybe we can roll it and not get in, maybe it’ll rise up with no body weight in it. Where’s the red bag? Fuck! We’re fucked! God, those dry bags are already 30 yards away. We’re drifting fast. Ooh, my little dry bag with my wallet and phone. Hold onto it? I think it’s too late. There’s my camera case. It really floats. Cool. We’ve got to get out of here. Heath looks straight at me “ALL IS LOST?”. Yes, all is lost. Sorry Ojo Negro, but we’ve got to leave you. You can’t come with us. Get the red bag. “Heath take your fins.” I’ve got to take my shoes off. Where are my fins? Bottom of the bag. Get the surfboard. Leash is caught. Heath’s already swimming for shore. Ok, this is it, time to go. How far are we? Swim on your back and hold onto the board. Try to paddle? Kinda working. There’s Heath. Gotta get to him. Water’s cold. We’re going to self rescue. We’re going to rescue ourselves. No one is coming for us. Heath grab onto the board. Are we going to die together? I don’t want to be alone. “Let’s stay together.” My legs are tired already. Heath tries to paddle. Sleeves are getting in the way. Back to kicking on his back. It’s cold. We’re going to rescue ourselves. No one is coming for us. I hope someone is coming for us. The waves are breaking over my head. If I swallow water and choke it could be my last straw. Are we getting closer? I’m so tired. You have to rescue yourself, no one is coming for you. Oh my god, I can’t believe this happening. I can’t believe I might die like this. I can’t believe I shot my eye out.

No one is coming for us. You have to self rescue.

I hope someone is coming for us.

9 thoughts on “Shit + Fan

  1. This has me pretty pumped for your next post. I hope you’re safe. Did any of your debris wash up on shore? Passports, camera, and *gasp* sunblock?!

  2. Boys… Glad u pulled through like true survivors… What a story to tell and even better to have lived….

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