Way harder than we thought

Everything started out grand. Timothy from Sole Tech met us in Long beach, after our subway ride with the bikes, and bought us breakfast. With a country scramble in my belly we took off for the 35 mile bike path to the Angels Crest road out of Azuza. Man, climbing is waaay harder than it looks in the Tour De France videos I watched. We stopped at 60 miles, camped, ate ramen, and crashed.

Second day………..hardest shit I’ve ever done. We pedaled uphill for 5 hours straight (riding time). Our lunch spot turned into a dinner spot and now we are crashing in a hotel in Wrightwood, CA.

8 thoughts on “Way harder than we thought

  1. ooowweee….first blog comment!

    Holy crap those mountains look crazy. Hell yeah you’re really doin it. Least mid-country will be flat as Robert G.’s ass!

  2. Chargin’ it. The first time i climbed mtns with gear i thought i was going to puke, pass out and die. All the best with your trip and thanks for documenting it. I would love to hear about the gear you brought on your trip…perhaps a future post.

  3. it can be done! last summer 4 buddies and i rode from Virginia to San Diego (home), only 3, including me, finished. life on a bike can really bring some huge downers, but even bigger ups, so enjoy it, take your time, be safe, and rubber side down.

    heath if you ride a bike like you ride a skateboard = watch your speed on the downhills. hah nah fuck it pedal to floor, eyes closed.

    looking forward to more post.

    our blog http://www.theyrodewest.blogspot.com


  4. Holy damn, I recognize that mtn road photo — you guys rode up the 39 fully loaded… then to get to Wrightwood you must have crossed Dawson Saddle. That is absolutely insane.

    “Way harder than we thought..” yeah no shit, that is arguably the biggest and gnarliest climb in all of SoCal… I can’t imagine doing that on loaded touring bikes. Amazed you guys made it. Mad props!

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