8 thoughts on “Our Current location

  1. You guys are in for some serious pain with those brook saddles because they look brand new. It usually takes about 500 miles of riding to break them in. There is a way to break them in faster…google it.

    And the crest is a really mellow climb. plus, you had a triple crank! just shift to your granny gear and keep up the high rpms!

    I really hope that you purchased some type of energy gels that you can consume every hour or even more often. You need to be constantly eating while you are riding.

    Good luck guys!

  2. I didn’t call you pussies…far from it. I think that you are both naive, and I gave you some straightforward advice. I remember my first time up the Crest, but I wasn’t embarking on a cross-country journey.

    And the only pain that you should be feeling is muscle soreness in your legs. If your neck and shoulders hurt or your knees hurt, you need to stop at a bike shop and have them fit you to your bike. I’d hate to see you or Heath eff up your knees because your bike fit is all wrong. Also, I would also have them put in a stem with a slight rise. It will put you in a much more comfortable riding position.

    Good luck.

  3. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for sharing the journey and an incredible display of balls. Goat-Testicles! (Random explicitive) I honestly wish I was coming along for the ride… pain and all.

    Weird story but I’ve been wanting to get the hell out of New York and travel cross-country for a while – at least since Wild Ride and definitely since the evil monkeys at Footlocker bought CCS (I “was” the footwear buyer for the last four years).

    Much luck on your travels… and you “going there”, has definitely inspired me… not that I wasn’t before.


  4. Ah, so jealous!! I’ve been wanting to make that ride for a long time now. The Brooks are great once they are broken in, but until then… um… after the first week it will all be second nature. bike touring is the ultimate pace, you feel like you’re going somewhere and slow enough to enjoy the ride. Good luck, I’ll be following the journey!!

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