The Good News: Late season heat wave in Death Valley

So we last left you in Trona…

The early morning shock of how hard it is to pedal a bike, with roughly 5 Liters of water added to all your gear, is straight up depressing. I really didn’t know if I was going to be able to climb 5000 ft with this burden dragging behind me in the heat. The good news: the national park puts out these tanks of “radiator water” to save people’s cars from burning up, which in turn makes for the equivalent of a water park for people like us. We swam the shit out of that radiator water!! To give you an idea of the anxiety I’ve been experiencing due to the fear of running out of water, I filled up one of my empty bottles with the mineral rich brown water for a last case scenario for life saving measures.

The other good news? I think we might have taken the hardest way into the park by accident. I knew it had to happen sometime, but we finally had to walk our bikes. Believe me, it was steep. And did I mention it was 104? Aslo, a little bit a gravel road never hurt anyone.

So we coasted into the valley to find a full hotel and the campground was closed. A little gas station food gorging, some internet, a whore’s bath in the bathroom, and we went for our first long night ride. The moon was still full, so we rode 25 more miles, to make it 95, under nothing but moonlight.

6 thoughts on “The Good News: Late season heat wave in Death Valley

  1. Heath and Jeff,

    If your route takes you through Rockford, IL, you have a place to crash if you want one. No, not at the shop this time. Dan Rog has my number. Take care and good luck.

    From The Station

  2. i met you awhile back with greg hunt and you were doing a huge air at the skatepark. whatever, anyways i bike a shitload and it s sick to see some people just settin the fuck off and doing it. good luck, psyched to follow the posts.

    congratulations on just doing what the fuck you feel like. stoked

  3. Soak up the resort day boys…you’ve definitely earned it!!!
    Jeffy–I always think about what I’m going to eat when I’m on those long rides, however, the idea of an ice cold Gatorade will keep those pedals spinning. Lovin the blog brother.

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