Things aren’t working out like they’re supposed to, but at least they’re working out.

At the pool. Hotel=12 story gold flexfill.....Nick.

If you want to look like a big shot when you go to Vegas, roll up on a bicycle with camping gear. They come flooding out with free shit. That’s probably why we were comped a bottle of white zinfandel with our buffet dinner. Two dudes, one bottle of undrinkable pink wine.

Laundry in the tub, bulking at the buffet, a starbucks run for an update, and betting on Football. Basically, 36 hours of not much at all. It was perfect.

6 thoughts on “Things aren’t working out like they’re supposed to, but at least they’re working out.

  1. just saw you guys in washington utah. i was the asshole waiting for you at the top of the hill leaving town with my camera phone ready for a quick photo. sorry. that was probably annoying. just a little fan-out. i heard you’re going to kanab. be sure to hang out in the famed Colorado City town on the way for some polygamists sightings. other than that get a camel back, and get ready to climb the Colorado plateau. that is the ridge in hurricane utah. you have to climb that shit unless you follow the interstate to whole way. good luck guys!

  2. Good stuff guys. Just keep moving and don’t take it to serious. Your only going to do this once, so enjoy the ride of lifetime.
    The turtle pic should win an award for something, classic!

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