Echo bay……GFY

If you ever get a wild hair and think you want to go for a swim at Echo Bay in Lake Mead…..don’t. It looks like a swamp and a construction site at the same time. So after riding 5 miles downhill with the hopes of cool lake water, we settled for cold fanta and treated ourselves to a 5 mile uphill ride back to the main road.

But when the days are long, the upside is you get to ride at dusk, and this my friends is amazing. The chance of crashing are tenfold because you keep staring at the mountains turning red as the sun goes out to the west. It makes the ants successfully eating their way through the bottom of your tent later that night totally worth it.

2 thoughts on “Echo bay……GFY

  1. This is amazing. I just read the entire journey via blog posts.

    I tour in a band and think it’s crazy going through the deserts in a van with a trailer. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like doing it on a bike. There are so many places that don’t have gas stations or stores for a ridiculous amount of miles. Traveling like this is an incredible experience. I have a lot of respect for you both for doing this.

    I’ll keep reading, you both stay safe, hydrated, and keep it up. By chance you come through North Carolina I’ll get you a room somewhere so you can rest.


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