Road side assistance

When you buy the best hand-tire pump at the bike store, the last thing you think is that you’re going to meltdown in a gas station parking lot and smash it on the ground. And when Heath is fixing yet another flat, you know he’s seconds from stomping his spokes in but doesn’t because we’re a long way from home. I don’t know what it is, but when you spend hard earned money at a store, and the stuff doesn’t hold up, you just go straight into McEnroe mode. And while you’re grinding your teeth in the heat with grease on your hands, the other guy is holding back his laughter and thanking god he’s not the only one.

5 thoughts on “Road side assistance

  1. You running shit over and getting flats??? if so that bites.

    If it seems like you are getting flats for no reason… well then get some baby powder, get a hand full of it and run the tube through your hand until you have a nice layer of powder over the tube… it stops pinching inbetween the rim and the tire. Works well.

    Pumps… only germans make good pumps… look for a wooden handle.

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