The Marriot of cow tunnels

When you go into a two motel town, do not ask the lady at the nicer of the two if she’s cheaper than the other one. Offended. Well, I’m on a budget lady.

But before that, we came down from wolf creek pass and decided the wallets called for some camping, and we do not like to pay to sleep on the ground in this family. Usual routine……. pick a couple of spots, veto a couple of spots, and find the right one. The right one this time made itself known by the smashed in mailbox, the locked gate, and the real estate sign. Perfect, but I think someone must have been hunting not too far off judging by the gunshots at 7:30am the next morning.

Cold as hell start, riding while alternating each hand to an armpit for warmth, and rock solid frozen toes. We now have our new closest enemy, the temperature. And just think, just a couple of weeks ago we were sweating our balls off and dying of thirst.

Spirits were high after conquering the mountain stage, so I high-fived a hitchhiker on the way out. Some rednecks in a truck slowed down for him and then sped off, so when I came riding by with a Leo Romero-style pick me up, he didn’t know what the fuck I was doing until the last second…… then BAM! Keep your head up buddy.

An outhouse first and a restaurant second. Nice choice guys.

4 star cow tunnel

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