Wind n’ shit

Now that we’ve officially entered the plains, the wind is a real son of a bitch. When we woke up from under our rock yesterday morning, we were greeted with what seemed like a little wind. Well, the first few miles were devastating. It took us 30 mins to go 3 miles. With 56 miles to the next town, I was pissed. When you ride that slow, you picture someone walking next to you at the same speed and it’s frustrating as hell. I think that’s when I yelled ahead to Heath “I’m not even moving!!!!!”

I seriously considered camping on the side of the road and doing the miles at night…..seriously.

Nightmare crosswinds not pictured.

9 thoughts on “Wind n’ shit

  1. Jeff, if you guys have not seen this it will lighten the moment quite a bit, don’t wet yourselves, you need to stay hydrated out there, now keep on pedaling.

  2. Me and some of my friends were talking about doing this next summer…do you think we’d be straight on money if we each saved $1000 or would we need more?

    1. It’s a lot more.

      It all depends on what you already own, and how rough you’re willing to get. The main expenses are a bike (500-1200), equipment (400-700), food (30 a day for 2months is 1800), and accommodation( camping is 0-22/night and hotels are 40-75/night).

      I will say, the more money you have the more it eases the pain and frustration of life on the road. If you decide to do it and need advice, let me know.


  3. Hey Jeff, a few of buddies and I are planning a trip like this next year, so I am most definitely interested in details of budget, gear, etc..

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