Let’s face it, we were never cyclists

I never would have thought that the plains would be this discouraging. I guess we always assumed that it would be cold weather or mountains, but riding into the wind is the worst possible scenario, and it looks like it could be like this for a couple weeks straight. Not to mention, it just going to get colder and colder as we cross to the east and the bikes/tires/chains are a never ending source of stress. Heath and I are both feeling kind of shitty and the trip is getting less and less fun. With that in mind, we’ve decided that we would be better off booking a train and both going our separate ways. I’m not sure if either of us have spent so much time with one person 24/7 without any alone time. Time to move on.

I was going to make a video with all of the footage, but I’ll do a quick edit on the train and post it in a day or two.

43 thoughts on “Let’s face it, we were never cyclists

      1. WHOA…quit skating? he quit filming and having someone telling him when to skate. BIG DIFFERENCE. If you are that good at something it is in you forever. He is one of like handful of people who successfully skated for over 15 years and got to retire in his 30s. Slam your face in the ground for that long and then write some comments.

  1. You guys did something few “real” cyclists ever get around to doing and should feel proud. I’m sure it’s a sucky feeling to quit before you had planned, but it sounds like both of you pushed yourselves way beyond anything you’d ever done, and thats a huge accomplishment. I’ve been riding regularly for the past couple years and have never done anything even close to this. I’ve been reading your blog with every update and its been an inspiration. This may be the end of the trip, but don’t let it be the end of cycling for you guys! There are so many more trips to take that with some training and planning, can have all kinds of different results.

  2. Ahh man! It was exciting to hear about your travels everyday! Well guys, you did it for about a month straight. And in the ~1200 miles I bet you saw and experienced a lot of things were eventually you’ll look back and enjoy the memories. Heath, I hope this trip helped you sort things out. I hope you’ll still around in the skateboard industry, one way or another. You were always my favorite.

    Congrats dudes, for making it this far! You guys are awesome.

    I’m looking forward to the video edit, and to see were Heath ends up.

  3. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. At least you guys went out there and did something and gave it a shot. For that alone, you deserve a lot of credit. Take care of yourselves and have a safe trip home.

  4. What? That’s it? You are caving in?
    Um, I am not liking this at all.
    We’re really doing it turning into we don’t want to do it anymore?

  5. I really enjoyed following your guys traveling so thank you for all the updates. It seemed like a great experience. You guys should be hyped on what you accomplished – you made it farther than I ever would.

  6. I have the highest respect for what you two accomplished . JV I am looking forward to drinks and some road stories once you get back to Brooklyn.

  7. I know how you guys are feeling. I rode across california, nevada, utah, and colorado I then jumped over kansas on a bus into missouri and finished my ride from there. You two have shared a great time with each other and you will both laugh at the times spent on the road. we met a guy while riding through colorado that experienced the same winds. He hitched across kansas in the back of a pickup truck. Kansas is people of the southern wind. You guys have sparked me into another cross country trip on the bike. This time east to west, I heard it is not a good idea because of the winds but it sounds better to head for the west, it sets a bright sky in front. I spoke to my good friend that I rode with last time and he is down for another trip. Summer 2012 Take care thanks for the inspiration and I enjoyed the blog very much.

  8. I hope you won’t beat yourselves up about it, at least you made it that far. I can’t tell exactly where you were when you stopped but I grew up in the midwest and I know the plains have some hellish wind and cold once October sets in. As a person that needs at least 3-4 hours of alone time each day to recharge I can definitely relate to that aspect of your situation. Good luck in whatever you do in the future!

  9. i can believe you guys are giving it was almost making up for heath retiring owell yall are bolth pusses now and heath has lost all my respect

  10. Sorry about the wankers comment. Just the fact that you made it over the Rockies on bikes is something to be proud of. Loved the blog!

  11. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the posts along the way. It was really fun checking where you were at each day. Sorry to see it coming to an end.

    Bobby D

  12. i love that these idiots sitting on there asses at home are actually getting mad at you guys….amazing. before that train pulls into wherever the fuck it takes you be sure ask yourselves if you want to stop all of this madness over a little wind.

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