After 30 days I looked up

Heath and I both, on the same day, had a revelation. It only took us both a month, but we’ve finally figured out that we probably shouldn’t only be looking forward to stopping, but to the actual riding time too. It makes perfect sense though. The act of pedaling the bike isn’t fun, the seat doesn’t feel good, you’re bruised palms and numb hands don’t feel good. So what’s to look forward to? Eating, resting, cold beverages? Usually that’s the case, but lately riding has become less and less of a chore. So every once in a while a good song comes on, you look up, you see beautiful country, and realize this trip is fucking awesome. I can’t speak for the guy with the gold tooth, but I’ve had a lot of these moments in the past few days. Now that I think of it, the pictures below are the exact part of the trip that I turned the corner, so to speak. That morning I felt like shit. Riding slow, kind of cold, bike feels super slow, and then after my breakfast finally kicked in and I had a couple of the magic gummy bears (shot blocks) I felt great. I look up and realize Heath has stopped because he’s found his Dumb and Dumber photo spot and it’s time to get the camera out. One photo turns into more, some cartwheels (not pictured), a karate kick nailed in one frame, and the sun comes out. Boom, new day.

I stole this pose from Bob

Check the form on that kick. I’m no karate expert, but looks pretty good from here.

14 thoughts on “After 30 days I looked up

  1. This is what I live for, you guys are truly inspirational. So stoked on your trip and hope to do something like this someday.

  2. amazing that you found the time to superimpose Heath on that background–all while pedaling across the country.

    sick shot.

  3. KiiiyaahhhHH!
    Is Heath superimposed into that picture. I mean seriously, c’mon? That’s one stellar karate kick!

  4. Been following you guys since meeting Heath at the top of La Veta Pass in Colorado. Jeff, you were a couple miles down the road so Heath shared some tips with me on your journey to that point. I have a few pics I can send you of Heath cycling past the yellow aspens if you provide me with an e-mail. As I said to Heath, you guys are “Living the dream”. Enjoying your posts……safe journeys!

  5. the noah? like dude working for pfizer? or however you spell that company’s name.

    karate kick awesome, open plains priceless. one time i told jeffy and mel to take the 36 i think, but they all look the about the same and he told me it sucked because there was nothing on it…..i guess that damned turbo charged civic was just going to fast.

    superimposed? our little jeffy is just that damn good now.

  6. woooot!!
    am planning a bike riding trip through tassie as we speak because of you jeff!! mine will be like picking daisys and stuff though and dodging the occassional tassie devil road carcas!!
    ps. nice photoshoping via your iphone!!

    1. No Shrewgy. BRUCE Lee, as in Enter the Dragon, Cato in Green Hornet and I can kick your ass across the globe Bruce Lee. Not JASON Scientologist ex-skater Lee.

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