Vacation from vacation

I’m sure the first thing everyone says to themselves when they read this blog is “damn, when are these guys gonna take a vacation?”

The time has come. About a week and a half ago we called our good buddy Kevin from Des Moines and told him he should drive down with some bros and take a day off with us in Kansas City. We figured cold beer, maybe some barbecue, a little fishing. Well, Kevin and his wife Kristy, who are now winning at being friends, rented a vacation house on the Lake of the Ozarks and called it our early christmas present. The Jones’ never let us down, AND they brought our friend Gabe down as a party favor.

Gabe’s weekend contributions: Four fishing poles with tackle, a BB gun, and a bow with four arrows. Not shit that you’d find on my list, but when you’ve had several beers and Gabe hands you a BB gun, you think to yourself “you are a god damn genius”. And when he fires a single arrow out the window and into the lake for no reason whatsoever while your watching baseball, you just sit silent, nodding your head……….. “we’re really fuckin’ doin’ it dude”.

The next day Kevin mentioned that there were batting cages in town, and with all the baseball we’ve been watching, it was time to go crank a couple. ATTENTION: the batting cages in Osage Beach are fucking sketchy!!! For starters, no helmets. Alright, I can deal with that. How about a slider coming in hot right at your shins? A bean ball to the temple? Well that’s the kind of consistency you get for 50 cents a pop. At one point, some kid went in the wrong gate and was just running in between the pitching machines like someone on American Gladiators looking for some cover.

Good times, no one was hurt. But if you’re ever picking teams, pick Heath for batting cages and Gabe for fishing, not the other way around.

13 thoughts on “Vacation from vacation

  1. Nice. Attn: Pilot Light, we stole your phrase all weekend long. Heath wins skateboarding, batting cages, and candy eating. Jeffy wins car beers, Outback Steakhouse, and passing out early.

  2. Jeff,

    Are you gonna make a DVD from all your footage, or just post a video online? I’d definitely pay to have an actual copy. Having your photos integrated into it would be rad too.

    Good luck

    1. Not sure what I’ll do yet. There’s not much footage to tell you the truth. Filming on this trip has proven to be a little harder than I thought. let’s just hope the super 8 turn out.

  3. It goes from “put me in coach, I’m getting cold”. To “woops, which side does the damn gate open on?” Then “I think I’m gonna barf”. Then finally, ‘batting cage anger’!

    Full cycle. Hilarious!

  4. Jeffy Hide the candy from Heath!!!!! Also hope yer neck is O.K. I have to say we laughed about watching your face slam into the back seat the entire way home. Also, I’ll be joining little league to practice on my batting skills!!!!

  5. Jeff, you got to fix that picture of Heath in the ABOUT US tab. He looks like Festus from Gunsmoke (before your time but check it out on a Google search).

  6. In St. Louis:
    Bars-CBGB, Tin Can, the Royale All in South City, S Grand or S Kingshighway

    Beer and pizza at Riley’s pub and Black Thorn Pub in South City

    All night greasy spoon cheapo diners-
    eat rite-downtown on chouteau, buttery on south grand, uncle bills pancake house on s kingshighway

    Go to the city museum downtown if you have time, climb around in 5 stories of metal tunnels outside. You can get in an old plane or go out on the roof for the views. It is in a huge old shoe factory/warehouse plus they serve beer.

    Bike the Chain of rocks bridge across the Mississippi and/or do the Riverfront trail.
    Go to East St Louis and check out the huge abandoned theaters and old ballrooms that are all over the place but watch your backs/bikes. Really amazing stuff if you are into abandoned buildings.

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