Just wanted to give a quick shout out to a few companies that have been nice enough to send us stuff to keep us warm, dry, and taking as many pictures as possible.

Thanks to Janice Nickloff at Burton for the rain jackets. You always know you’re getting the best shit when you get Burton. Best materials, best design, period.

Thanks to Laura Waters for the GoPro video camera. If there is one thing that I discovered on a recent trip to Hawaii it’s that if you’ve got a video camera with a water housing, you can’t not have fun. You can mount/strap these things anywhere, then just press record.

Thanks to Mike Ferrentino at Swobo for sending us a shitload of warm clothing and for the cold days ahead. If you’ve never worn merino wool, then you’re missing out. Today it was cloudy, cold, and not really any fun at all, but it made it whole lot better to be comfortable and warm.

4 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Yayyyyy!!! merino gets a mention….& I thought it was jusy ol’ me banging on about the virtues & wearability of wool….Bring back pure soft wool…!

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