Hey there neighbor

I love it when people wave. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re a hard ass or a nice guy, when some one on the side of the road you don’t know waves at you, you can’t help but wave back. I think one of the main reasons I like it is because we get way more of the opposite reaction from people’s hairy eyeballs when we stop at gas stations and small town restaurants. I personally think that this country has a disproportionate amount of people who are genuinely nice, but that doesn’t stop them from giving you the what-in-the-fuck-does-this-boy-have-on look. The colder it gets outside, the weirder our gear looks. Cut off black jeans with black leggings, pulled up socks, and with what look like baseball cleats get us some seriously long stares. Heath looks like a gold prospector from the waist up and a tap dancing basketball player with tights on front he waist down.

So back to the wave. The other day this guy mowing his lawn stopped mid mow to wave…….hey buddy. Today a girl feeding some horses waved, I smiled and waved back. So it gets infectious, and when I passed a prison today that was right next to the road and saw that all the inmates were outside in the yard, I couldn’t help it. I looked over and gave them a first pump on my way past, they laughed and gave me a head nod. They’re in prison, I’m riding a bicycle across the country for no reason, to each his own, but we were homies for a second there.

Then there are people like Marvin Williams. He stopped and talked to us for a while one day. He told us about the war and being born just down the street and we told him about our ride. Just a nice old guy, plain and simple. Like most guys his age, Marvin has old guy jokes that you know he’s used a hundred times, but you don’t mind. I asked him what he was up to today and he said ” 225″. Marvin will be 90 in March.

Came across this sign yesterday when I was a bit worn down and sore. It worked.

At our “camping site” last night. Don’t worry Cory, any press is good press.

16 thoughts on “Hey there neighbor

  1. “They’re in prison, I’m riding a bicycle across the country for no reason, to each his own, but we were homies for a second there.”—so funny! keepitupfellas

  2. I agree with Shrewgy. Although it doesn’t happen that often, especially in Southern CA, but when it does a smile and a wave go a long way! Sending you and Heath both a smile and wave today. Happy Halloween, be safe!

  3. Old men in the Midwest have the best stories. People in the Midwest also like to smile, wave and show up to things on time. Have fun binging on burgers at Bubs…it sounds poetic!

  4. it’s cause you’re from california that you don’t know about nice people dumbass. that marvin looked like a real prick to me.

  5. you know those weird moments that somehow get stuck in your memory forever? your comment about Heath looking like a gold prospector/tap dancing basketball player is one of those. one of those weird nuggets thats so helplessly funny.
    thanks, dude

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