Um……what do we do now?

Listen up people!! WE ARE STILL DOING IT. If there was any doubt whether there were two guys out in the middle of the country still doing it, we would like this to be a clear statement that it’s still mother F’ing on. You might be thinking “How long is this going to take?” Well, the answer is “longer”. When you’re at your desk at work, we’re out here trying not to get hit by semis. When you’re having lunch, we’re riding past hundreds of dead frogs on a St Louis bridge wondering if there was a scene from Magnolia filmed near by. You’re on a smoke break? I’m skipping songs and wondering how so much bullshit got on my iPod.

I know we’ve passed the magical point of the 30 day attention span, but hang in there. Actually, I never realized this time limit existed until just a few days ago. It never occurred to me that most of the long vacation/journeys I’ve been on in my life have all fallen under the 4 week duration. So just like you, I’ve hit the invisible wall where you have to make a conscious effort to pay attention and keep going. After we left the Ozarks I had this weird shitty feeling that I couldn’t pinpoint or shake. We made our way up to one of the most amazing stretches of road so far, the Katy Trail, but I still couldn’t get back into riding. No meltdowns or tantrums, I just felt bored.

Each person operates differently, but this is where I became aware that I run on a serious anticipation and reward pattern in most things I do. I need something to look forward to, whether it’s food, or some roadside thrill seeking. It doesn’t have to be something monumental, so that’s when I realized it was time start thinking about the World Series. If you don’t give a shit about baseball then put some money on it and you’ll snap to it real quick. “Oh what? I have five bucks on the Giants?” Next thing you know you’re screaming “FEAR THE BEARD!!!”

One more thing. Heath and I have watched a shitload of Man vs. Food on this trip and an eating challenge has become certain. So finally the location is nailed down. Heath and I will be at Bub’s Burgers outside Indianapolis in a few days. If you live close by and want see if you can get your photo on the wall too, come join us, we’ll get a precise time soon. Unless, of course, you just want to come fan out on the skateboarder, then I would suggest no. I don’t think I can take hanging out with two awkward people at the same time.

Which one of you nuts has got any guts?”

Jack NicholsonOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

6 thoughts on “Um……what do we do now?

  1. Great journey so far. How about some q&a for us:

    1. Worst section of road so far –
    2. Friendliest person or stop –
    3. Piece of gear u wish u had brought along –
    4. Biggest piece of gear u could have left behind –
    5. Closest call with serious injury –
    6. Best decision so far –
    7. Worst meal –
    8. Definitely avoid –
    9. Favorite memory thus far –
    10. Biggest surprise –

    No hurry to answer, realize how busy u both are pedalin.

    Thx for entertaining and inspiring.

  2. Keep grinding fellas! This is a great blog and good luck,

    Drunk guy on a chair wishing he was grinding

  3. Keep it up boys. I’m stoked to witness how committed you guys are to this. You’re right about each person operating differently, but a significant anticipation / reward could be that when you’re done…you have something to reflect back on for a lifetime. 99% of people in the world could not touch this.

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