Doing it the wrong way

Imagine you’re watching the tour de france on tv. There’s one rider who’s all by himself, he must be on a break away. You can tell he’s trying hard, out of the seat for every hill. It’s the first break in a string of bad weather days so he’s really feeling strong. Maybe his first stage win? We’ll see. His team car pulls up next to him. Maybe some info about the other riders in pursuit.

“Hey bro….. you’re going the wrong way”

That was me today. Minus the team car and all the other stuff. Just me pulling over because I had a strange feeling about how long it was taking to get to the next junction. So I checked my phone map. “FUUUUUCK!!!!!!!” I’d gone the wrong way……..for a long time, and since my out-of-the-way miles were so hilly, I pretty much put myself an hour and a half behind Heath. Not to mention that the days are getting shorter and colder, so daylight riding hours are precious. I was crushed, I just screwed us out of a good day of gaining a lot of miles.

“I’m the only one? What’s the deal?”

And lastly, a map reading tip: If the main road seems to go way out of the way and there’s a much smaller road that’s more direct, just take the main one because that little one you’re thinking about taking goes straight the hell UP and is about to chop your legs off. The main one goes around the mountain.

19 thoughts on “Doing it the wrong way

  1. Yikes! Looks like you have a few more states to get through. How much longer do you think it will take till your home? You deserve a raging party for this accomplishment!

  2. So hilarious. Can’t believe you’re out there in this cold. Can’t wait til you’re back in Brooklyn! 🙂

  3. Bummer. Love your route, however you maybe should have started in the NE and finished in LA. Not to rub it in, but it was 81 degrees today in Scottsdale and a pleasant 77 right now at 8:30 pm. You’d be getting real close to pleasant AZ about now if you were going East to West. But don’t dismay – You guys rock, keep up the great work. Remember, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. You’re adding a rare epic experience to your life that most will never even attempt.

  4. You can tell us the truth, Heath’s OCD was driving you nuts and you wanted a little alone time. We won’t tell him. Tomorrow will be a better day. Stupid first day of DST will always suck based on tat fact alone.

  5. dude, besides the psych-out Amtrak post, this post makes me feel the most bummed out. As you know, the TDF analogy was perfect for me…you had me instantly hooked…but to hear about the outcome, fuck Jeff, I am sorry. I don’t even like doing that wrong direction shit in a car, let alone on a fuckin bike, in the cold, in the hills, in bad weather…man, I hope you rebound well and you get a day of super strong legs!!!

    1. In hindsight, it doesn’t seem as big of a deal. It sucked really bad the first two miles of backtracking, but I felt good so it went pretty quick. But now that the weather warmed up, we’re running ourselves until empty each day. Really fucking tired.

  6. You pulled a Dumb and Dumber. Classic. This shit is truly hilarious. I’m already lamenting the loss once it ends.

  7. see you guys all hate back on me I’m just speaking the TRUTH. Whoever this jeff idiot is he could have really gotten himself into a dangerous situation getting himself separated from his riding partner. He’s supposed to support his partner not space out and leave his partner out to dry. I’m sure heath didn’t appreciate his amateur move. you guys are in over your heads.

    1. The buddy system is a good thing but, in case you haven’t noticed they are racing against each other (mutual decision) using different routes lately. They are in contact with each other. Sure, something could happen but the thing is, life isn’t always about sticking to best layed plans and sticking it out – sometimes it’s just about each individuals personal journey – Heath and Jeff happen to be sharing intensely personal journey’s together. If it wasn’t a personal challenge or goal for either of them, they would never have embarked on this trip in the first place. Even if something did happen the universe would send help since they are more connected with it than most of us are right now by virtue of riding bikes across the country and having plenty of time to just be one with the road, the environment, and the people they encounter and interact with along the way. If you believe in living your life more than plans, risks, and safety then everything always works out just fine. It’s the life worth living – because you are.

  8. On your trip get some shoe covers (booty covers) they will keep the wind off your feet, wear wool socks, get wind thermal gloves, and the clothing you prob already have dialed. That stuff will make a difference for sure. And if you dont have the gear, I wish I read about this ride in Sept, I would have sent you guys gear.

  9. Besides putting in the lamest name ever (cyclist unite? are you kidding me with that nerdy shit?), you sir are in over your head. Everyone has hated back on you with truthful statements that make you look like an absolute idiot. Just stop now before you dig yourself into a deeper hole.

  10. I lived in Washington, PA around this time, too bad I didn’t know about this until now. Awesome trip.

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