See you there

You’d think with less than a week of riding left that we’d have this thing down, but there’s something different about Pennsylvania. There’s the two west to east interstate highways and then everything else is a crazy web of indirect roads and smaller highways. Oh, and there’s no flat. You’re either riding up or riding down, and since riding down takes no time at all, you feel like your going uphill the whole damn day.

That brings us to Heath’s great idea. He found a more direct road with the beta version of google’s directions by bike which I wasn’t buying since that map software assumes that you have a mountain bike and that you’re open to walking if needed. I left on the longer road and he turned onto his.

An hour later I got a text with a picture of a dirt road………… I win

It turns out his road ended…….literally. Like the last scene in “The gods must be crazy” ended.

If you lose your hold on the bike on this hill it’ll tumble down, which it did. Sometimes saving 3 miles means the shit might get a little raw.

15 thoughts on “See you there

  1. Keep it coming guys…things have got a lil heated lately…its all just critical nonsense! You guys are living a dream, taking a chance, making it happen…and youre nearly there! No time for time wasters, or energy drainers! Keep listening to the good stuff, cause what you guys are doing is truely giving out good vibes! Wooot! Home stretch..tough..but its the home stretch!! Australia is watching!

  2. First off….Fuck anyone who has anything negative to say about you guys..You guys are doing it and that’s all that matters! I’ll keep it short and simple..Looking at your guys website is seriously motivating on so many levels of just saying fuck everything and getting out there and living..So ill leave this post with a big Thanks!

  3. It’s rad that you guys are so close! Keep on truckin’. The northeast must be beautiful right now. I’m a Massachusetts native living in San Francisco. I’ve been wanting to do a tour similar to yours for a while now… I think it’s about time to stop thinking and wanting and just do it. Hey Heath, you’re an inspiration on and off a skateboard, and I wanna say thanks. I hope you guys are figuring shit out. I hope your heads are in good places. I love seeing all the photos. I love that you’re rocking the cut-offs and tall socks style. That how I’d work on rainy days as a courier back in Boston, haha. Can’t wait to see a “we really DID it” post. Be safe!


    1. Hill! I’m coming out there end of December to stay with Dempsey & Charles, hope to see you!

      Heath & Jeff – Unbelievable. So much respect.

  4. That’s my home state for ya’! You guys should stop in and visit my family. I owe Heath a roasted pig and the butcher is right next to my parents house.

  5. congratulations. it was really inspiring reading your blog. im definitely doing this next summer, thanks for sharing your trip.

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