A pilgrimage to Mecca

Years ago, Brian Young called the company that makes the candy Mike and Ike’s to complain about how good they were. His complaint was that he couldn’t stop eating them, so they sent him more. Other than my extra special lady friend, I’d never met anyone who ate candy like Brian until going on this trip with Heath. I mean, I knew he ate candy, but that wasn’t even scratching the surface.

So guess where we went…..guess.

Hershey Pennsylvania. Home of his beloved Reese’s.

I was a little salty because it took me so long to find the entrance, but Heath was so damn excited, he wanted to eat everything. When I arrived about 30 mins after him he said “I could easily spend a couple hundred bucks in there”.

13 thoughts on “A pilgrimage to Mecca

  1. Heath is wearing the same clothes sans white apron, mask & hat that I saw him wearing when I passed him way back in Colorado. Could be the first two guys to cycle across America without changing clothes? pretty cool.

    By the way Jeff, why don’t you guys ride together? Seems that Heath is alway a good 10-30 minutes ahead of you. When I met Heath as he was cresting La Veta pass, you were just starting up the grade from Fort Garland 7 miles back. I say tomorrow, on your final day, you sprint ahead of Heath and finish first. Go for it Jeff….$10 that Heath still wins.

  2. make heath carry all the gear, shoot 20 photos, write a quick autobiography, take a cat nap…and i’ll put $500 on that freak to finish 1st.

  3. Moral of this story….rad people have out of control sugar addictions. It’s the breakfast of champions, the dinner of winners!

    Now eat another Reeses PB cup and peddle your ass home already!! Can’t wait to see you tmrw!

  4. Congrats Jeff and Heath, would enjoy hearing more of your perspectives now that its done. Any profound thoughts. What surprised you the most?

  5. hey dudes, good job. it has been a pleasure following your journey.

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. – Mark Twain

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