If God wanted you up there, he would’ve miracled your ass up there!

So I think the best way to really give you an idea of how this came about is to start from the beginning. (those sound like the famous last words of someone who is about to bore the shit out of you. Oh well) Also, I think it’s necessary to state, for the people who didn’t follow the LA to NYC bicycle trip, that we have no experience doing what we’re about to try. Well, Heath’s is at a real zero, and I’ve climbed on real rocks once when I was 19, a long time ago. So we’re basically two monkeys in a rocket into outer space. We’ve got seat belts on, but not much else going for us.

Well, Heath didn’t do so good with retirement. He got really really bored, so I got him hired back in March on a job out in Seattle and he helped me drive across country from New York. At this point we knew we wanted to climb this thing, but we needed some help, and we wanted that person to be Timmy O’Neill. If you don’t know who Timmy is, do yourself a favor and watch a documentary called 180 Degrees South and then you’ll know(site here). You can stream it on Netflix.

So anyway, Timmy is a zany ass guy and we like his style, so we decided to email him and see if he had time to go with us and make sure we didn’t kill ourselves. When he got back to us while we were on the road we went straight to wal-mart and bought a pull up bar. We decided to go with the cheaper one. At this point it was still a long shot, so we figured splitting a 20 dollar item was as far as we were willing to go at that point.

Below is the very first pull up of this whole shit storm of an idea. Enjoy.

At 0:33 is our new motivation

6 thoughts on “If God wanted you up there, he would’ve miracled your ass up there!

  1. fun idea….you gonna get the rest of your gear for this trip over at walmart too? looks like you’ll need some rope, duct tape, canteen and miscellaneou other stuff. just browse the camping aisle, should be just behind the automotive section. good luck guys….I have great confidence in you.

  2. Shit, I’m worried for you guys not making the strength and flexibilty… please tell me you can do 20 pull-ups by now. I’ll be super impressed since this was posted on the 5th.

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