That last pitch of the nose is a bitch, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

The last night of sleep on the other hand was…laughable.  In this picture you’ll see a triangle shaped ledge.  That ledge is good for two right?

In my drawing below I’ve pointed out some of the details of the sleeping area.

Our first thought when they told us that the both of us were going to sleep in this small space is that they were joking.  On the triangle’s longest side it was good enough for one person. The other person, on the cliff side, would have their feet touching the edge.  Timmy and Dave assured us that by putting some bundles of rope at out feet that we could create a flat area and everything would be just like home. NBD.

It was Heath’s turn to sleep on the inside, but when Dave got freaked out by a big ass spider in the crack to the left, he decided to take his chances with the 2500 ft free fall to the ground instead of a bug.  The only problem is that Heath is taller than me, so it makes it even more ridiculous that he’d sleep on the shorter side.

After the worlds weirdest night of sleep Heath said he just kept his arm straight out to feel the edge to know how much space he had.  All this while slowly sliding towards our feet and scooting back up every 30 minutes.

Is it morning yet? How ’bout now?… now?

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