Class is in Session

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I’ll tell you a very short story that will explain how I know John was born to be a biologist.  First off, he has a serious lust for knowledge, answers, information, and science in general.  In fact, I think one of the reasons why John and I click is because I also am an abandoned storage facility of facts, but mine are usually just useless stuff, not gene altering.  But one morning I woke up and told John that I had a dream about a girl that I had a crush on in math class when I was 17.  In the dream I finally had a conversation with her,  nineteen years too late, but we talked.  John says “Oh man! I had a rad dream too! I dreamt that I saw a baby orangutan and it just walked up to me and hugged me.”  “Then what?” I said.  “Nothing, just the hug, but it was sooo rad.”

Sometimes on the river if you’re lucky you get long stretches of flat water, and since Heath was all about “burning” to stay true to his diet, we sometimes tied up and let him drag both of the rafts.  Break out a couple beers, the camera, and let Ben pick John’s brain for some details about evolution, speciation, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Is anyone else into Neko Case right now?

6 thoughts on “Class is in Session

  1. So my question is: where does one pick up a sixer while rafting down the Colorado? It’s a valid question.

    1. The hardest part of the trip, knowing how much beer to bring before you leave Flagstaff. We opted for a 30 pack each.

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