Nuge! Nuge! Nuge!

We are well aware that other people are into the idea of these adventures, and I’ve got quite few friends that say they want to go on them, but it’s just a little more complicated than that. First, almost no one can take the time off, and then it’s a money thing too. Both of these I totally understand because I work as well and so does Heath. I save and I create time in my schedule, and it’s worth every penny every year. The real question when someone corners me at a bar and says they want in is “Do you really want to go, or are you just a little drunk?” Aside from the money and the time, there is one last question.  If someone paid for it and you had the time, would you really go? There’d be more no’s than you’d think.

Well, a couple of months ago Don “The Nuge” Nguyen, sits down next to me at a bar and says “is there room for one more in the boat?” Ha! I love it. I don’t know Nuge that well, but I like him a lot and I definitely think he falls into the category of tough, but I had to tell him no because the boat was just too small. Fast forward to two days before we set sail and I share this story with Heath as we’re driving around. He pulls his phone out and Nuge starts getting these texts:

Nuge is in Blue


Here’s the deal, I bet some people think that we we’re fucking with him. Well the answer is no. The Nuge is a gnarly guy and if he can kick flip THIS, then he can learn how to paddle a kayak.  To be honest, we didn’t exactly think that he would end up going, but both Heath and I have this idea that one day we’re going to set up one of these trips and we’re going to get someone to drop everything and go last minute.  It’s one thing to plan and scheme all winter to get something like this together, but how crazy is Nuge for wanting to go with 48 hours notice!!?  Hell, our friend Matt Ball almost tried to bicycle across the country four years ago with us on three days notice. One of these days someone’s going to show up on the morning we leave with their bags packed and we’re going to realize we met our soul mate.

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